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Dinner and Theatre The Mill at Sonning

September 4, 2025

With much of the original structure retained, this 18th Century Flour Mill has been converted into a renowned Dinner Theatre. Patrons enjoy a fresh home-cooked meal – with not a microwave in sight! – before watching the performance in the 215 seat air-conditioned auditorium.

Pre-dinner drinks with a view of The Thames or watching the working Waterwheel in the bar, is an added treat.

In a wild ride down the Thames, the tranquil river waters turn into a storm in a teapot as Robin Hawdon’s brilliant comedy unfolds!

Picture this. Brash, self-made property tycoon Arthur Bullhead is on a mission to seal the deal of his dreams. But instead of a boardroom, he chooses the quirky setting of his converted riverside barge, the Bunty, for a weekend getaway with the local planning committee chairman and his unsuspecting family. Little do they know, Bullhead’s idea of a relaxing weekend involves more chaos than calm. With personalities clashing like bumper cars at a fairground, the stage is set for a comedy of errors. Bullhead’s shady business tactics clash with the straight-laced Coombes family’s morals faster than you can say “high tide.”

As the weekend unfolds, Bullhead’s antics leave the Coombes in knots, with his offer dangling like a carrot on a fishing line. But will they take the bait, or will they stage a mutiny on the Bunty?! With Bullhead’s skittish wife Mary and rebellious daughter Shirley adding fuel to the fire, it’s a recipe for hilarity that’ll leave you in stitches!

Taking in the beautiful town of Henley-on-Thames en-route has proved a popular option and so we will do the same again in September 2025. Just under 30 minutes from Sonning, we will travel to Henley and have a stop-off for between 1-2 hours, traffic depending of course, before leaving in plenty of time to enjoy a pre-dinner drink in the theatre’s Waterwheel bar if we so wish. This is followed by a leisurely two course dinner which precedes the evening performance. Perfect!!

Offer Price £105

per person to include the return coach, theatre ticket and two course dinner with tea and coffee.

Pick-up 2pm
Location: Dorking Halls

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